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You are not only booking a table in our restaurant, but an outstanding service combined with tasty food.

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Table bookings are more binding than many people think. Neither for the host nor for the guests.

Legally speaking a reservation is the initiation of a catering contract.

Who has reserved a table, and appears at the agreed time, but in foreseeable time, that is within the next 15 minutes, does not get a free table, has the right of compensation.

As the host is not keeping the reservation, the guest can refer to the Civil Code (BGB), paragraph 611, and so refund the ride costs.
If the guest decides to visit another restaurant, he can enforce additional costs if the food there is more expensive.

Vice versa also the guest is making a commitment.
This is getting important when somebody makes a reservation for a bigger festivity, for example a wedding or a communion. If the menu is ordered for 80 guests and there are only 75 people coming.the customer has to pay for the 80 ordered menus, unless he corrected the number of guests in time.
Usually in time means at least 48 hours before.

Also the host has a right

If you miss cancelling smaller bookings, like a dinner for two, the host also has the right to compensation.
In practice, if the guest has ordered by telephone, the host probably will not ask for compensation. Is the guest personally known by the host it is different. The host xould definitely invoice the damage, says Mrs. Vedder from the customer protection.

For example when the host had to reject other guests , or when he had to increase his staff for the festivity, or when prepared an agreed menu for the client. But the host has to prove that.

If a guest booked a table and does not consume anything it is more difficult for the host. Because the guest is not forced to order something, if the offer on site does not suit him.
The district court of Siegburg has judged, that a festivity, despite a reservation, left the restaurant without eating anything, does not have to pay.
The host had offered for that day only a special Mother-Day-Menu, and the guests expected a bigger selection on the menu (AZ 6 C 464/90).