Welcome to the BÜRGERREUTH

We have designed this traditional house in a scenic location with lots of diligence. The best that we offer of food and wine, we want to serve you in a cultured atmosphere in our guest rooms and in the garden.

From the beginning of your entrance  we want you to feel comfortable, so that Bürgerreuth also wins your love.

Opening Hours

Find out at what times our cooks swing the wooden spoon.

Table reservation:

To reserve a table, please use our reservation form on the service page.


For those seeking relaxation, our quiet house is the perfect place.


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Festival season is gourmet time

Six weeks in the year Bayreuth is the gateway to the world.

The annual festival guests are our regular customers. Why not round off an amazing visit to the opera in a cozy atmosphere and culinary delights. The Bürgerreuth pleased to welcome you with Italian cordiality and professional service.